Ericha Clare, ND, LAc

Dr. Clare is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist who helps her patients overcome chronic health problems that impact day-to-day activities, energy, and mood. She takes the time to properly diagnose their condition, create an individualized plan, and closely monitors their response to care in order to ensure a positive outcome. In addition, she offers education on what patients can do on their own to ensure that their health concern doesn’t return. Her favorite part of natural medicine is never having to tell a patient there is ‘nothing more we can do.’ Many patients are hindered with pain and suffering and it’s her mission to help as many people as possible improve their quality of life.

Dr. Clare believes in working with patients as partners to co-create health goals. She sees her role as guiding patients toward three primary objectives: optimizing gastrointestinal health, balancing hormones, and managing stress. These objectives comprise a foundation on which it is possible to address any other health concern or chronic disease pattern. She is a strong advocate for proactive health care in order to prevent more serious conditions in the future. Genuine health begins with our daily habits of diet, exercise and rest, and it is never too late to begin (again) to rebuild health.

Dr. Clare grew up in Portland, and has lived in her new home of Vancouver for over five years. At PSU, she majored in Biochemistry and minored in Biology and Psychology. Her favorite classes outside her major were painting and piano. Hobbies have included sewing, gardening, cooking, and hiking. She also enjoyed activities like outrigger paddling, Argentine tango and Bikram yoga. Dr. Clare is very proud of her stepdaughter in college, whose aim it is to affect local politics in ways that benefit the health and education of the community and preserve the beauty of our Pacific Northwest.