Our Approach

With our 3 uncommon approaches to healing we can help you get back to your vibrant & energetic self

It doesn’t matter how overweight, exhausted or sleep deprived you feel right now.  With our help, you’ll finally know the exact reasons why your body hasn’t responded to conventional quick fixes and medical treatments. We’ll discuss your current health concerns and then show you how our team can better treat your condition with an individualized approach.  We accept most major insurance and will help you determine your most affordable path forward to feel your absolute best.

We listen to what you have to say

Your first visit with Dr Krupa or Dr Carvalho will last approximately 90 minutes. That’s because this appointment is about you.  They want to hear about your health concerns, your questions, your issues and current coping methods.  Unlike some other doctors’ offices, the doctor-patient relationship is not a dictatorship. At PWC your relationship with your doctor is a partnership, where you will feel heard and work together with your doctor towards resolving your medical condition.

We will uncover the root causes of your medical condition

In the conventional medical world it is standard to prescribe a drug for each symptom.  But that doesn’t always tell you why you have the symptom. Through a holistic approach including comprehensive history taking, physical exams and advanced diagnostics we can reveal what is really behind those symptoms.  This comprehensive process often uncovers problems other doctors have missed and yields a more accurate diagnosis. We then create your treatment plan that will most quickly put you on the road to optimal health.

We will get your body, mind and spirit working in harmony

The doctors at PWC will diagnose and treat your medical condition.  Yet, once you have your treatment plan it’s your choices that determine if you’ll be right back where you started, or not. Rest assured that we’ll educate, empower and inspire you to master the real secret to lasting optimal health: caring for your body, mind and spirit.

Who can benefit from our unique approach?

  • Anyone who feels chronically fatigued
  • Men, women, and children with recurring digestion issues, infections, etc.
  • Women who suffer from symptoms of menopause or PMS
  • Anyone who can’t seem to lose weight and keep it off
  • Anyone who struggles to get enough sleep at night
  • Kids who get frequent colds or ear infections
  • Anyone who prefers a safe, effective and drug-less approach to their health care

Want to start feeling better?

Call (253) 848-1055 to book your first appointment, or if you have more questions, you may schedule a free 15 minute phone or in-person consultation where you can speak directly with one of our physicians and ask whatever questions you may have.