Shanna Rivera, CTT

Shanna is a Certified Thermographic Technician (CTT) and owner of Flow Well. She is a proud member of Breast Thermography International (BTI) and the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT). Shanna has been seeing patients throughout Washington state, Florida and in South Carolina for almost 10 years. In 2011 Thermography changed Shanna’s life. Working with Dr. Anthony Piana at BTI opened the holistic world to Shanna and changed her life. With every thermography scan Shanna has she is inspired to do regular detoxing, eat clean and exercise.

In 2013, Shanna became a CTT Trainer for PACT. Visit for more information on PACT, the nonprofit training company for Thermographers and Thermologists. Shanna has traveled throughout the USA and out of the country training new BTI locations how to use the thermography equipment. Shanna continues to scan patients on a weekly basis. Between Shanna and the other Flow Well thermographers, they scan patients at over 60 thermography locations!

Shanna has built relationships with doctors and wellness professionals to learn from them and refer patients according to their needs. Now Flow Well has grown to be the connection resource for patients to start with thermography, discuss with their doctor who is familiar with using thermography to analyze a patient’s current health status. Shanna reviews all her patients scans with them after they have a review with a doctor. Patients work with Shanna to discuss detoxing methods to improve their scan, a full review Q & A session about the report and as a team, they discuss what to ask their doctor or wellness professional to receive a better education about what is happening to their body thermographically.

Shanna loves the positive changes that thermography has brought to her health, the impacts it has on her family and the improvements she sees regularly with her patients. Thermography is very motivating to see your heat signatures to commit to necessary lifestyle changes. Gain more valuable information about what is already happening in your body with a Medical Thermography screening today! Click here to schedule an appointment at Puyallup Wellness Center.