How to Shop for an hCG Diet

Did you know that not all hCG diets are the same?

With all the conflicting information plastered all over the internet how do you decide which program to choose? How will you decide whether to choose an online program or to work one-on-one with a doctor? One need just google the words ‘hCG diet’ to see massive amount of information – and misinformation – that comes up. Sites and blog posts stating everything imaginable from, ‘this is the best thing since sliced bread’!, “…hcg will reset your hypothalamus and will resculpt the fat all over your body” to “…it doesn’t work at all” and “Don’t do it it’s so dangerous…”.

The truth is that it does work. How well? It depends on the program. How do I know? Because I’ve personally worked with about a thousand patients who’ve successfully lost LOTS of weight.

Amongst the misinformation and confusion what criteria will you use to evaluate and choose the best program / weight loss center for you?

Here is a list of seven questions I recommend you ask and get the answers to before making a purchase online or signing up with a program:

1. Will I be eating only 500 calories per day? Ensure you are NOT doing the antiquated protocol from the 1960s. Let’s agree that a lot has been learned about the human body in the last 50 years. It is highly advisable you eat at least 1000 calories per day on any weight loss program. 

2. Will you be prescribing pharmaceutical hCG or will I be using homeopathic drops? You need to know the precise difference between the two, and decide which is right for you. Both have virtues and the effect, however will not be the same.

3. How much time will I spend with the physician? Will you be satisfied if the doc spends only 5 or 10 minutes with you? Were all your questions answered to your satisfaction? Was the program thoroughly explained to you? In some cases you may never see the physician after the first visit. If this is the case you may want to think twice before you hand over your money. 

4. What nutritional support will you provide me with while I’m on the low calorie diet? Without adequate nutritional support you run the risk of nutritional deficiencies. People who have a history of poor diet, skipped meals and self-induced starvation likely have numerous deficiencies. I have personally seen people lose hair, lose thickness and strength in their fingernails and even end up in the ER because they were told to stop salting their food and were told they can continue on this diet for months on end without any nutritional supplementation. Ensure that you receive customized nutritional support based on your medical history and your body’s unique needs.

5. What detoxification support will be provided with your program? If the answer is ‘huh, what?” or “it doesn’t matter” then I recommend you call the next number. Detoxification support is critical while burning fat since toxins are primarily stored in fat cells and are let loose while you are burning fat. They flow through your bloodstream 24/7 and cause massive free radical damage to your tissues and organs. Unless you take measures to internally protect yourself you risk harm. It’s amazing how extremely few weight loss programs even consider this! Any well-designed weight loss program should have your health as its first priority. Choose a program that has a built-in detoxification component.

6. What kind of maintenance program do you offer? If they tell you that you will be essentially eating the same diet as you will while taking hCG then you may want to choose another that offers a more comprehensive maintenance program. You absolutely cannot continue to eat like you did while taking hCG for an extended period of time. The hCG diet is a temporary way of eating while taking hcg for a predefined amount of time. After you’ve reached your goal weight (sometimes even before) you must increase your caloric intake and expand your food choices, and eat what I call Real Food in order to be healthy. It is not advisable to take hCG and eat the low calorie diet for an extended period of time without sufficient breaks.

7. What will you do to address and treat the underlying reason(s) I gained this weight? Like with anything else, to get the best outcome we must identify and treat the cause. Some of the more common reasons for obesity are: Poorly managed stress, not enough sleep, hormonal imbalances (very common), poor eating habits, toxicity and underlying emotional issues. For permanent long term success the underlying issues need to be addressed.

Use your instincts. What vibe do you get when you enter the premises or when you talk to someone on the phone? Trust your feelings.

Obesity is rarely something one can treat successfully alone, permanently. You can lose weight from your own efforts. We all know people who educated themselves, picked a quality diet and/or exercise program, and had the discipline and follow through to lose 30 pounds or more on their own. However, in the great majority of these cases when they stopped what they were doing the weight returned. I see this over and over again.

Obesity really is a medical condition in it’s own right. The reasons why someone gains 20, 30, 40 or more pounds and keeps it on are numerous and complex.  As with any other medical condition one has the best chance of success by working hand-in-hand with a physician who is experienced in this area.

I urge you to shop around and check out the various weight loss centers and internet programs and choose one that best fits your needs.