How to purchase quality supplements

As naturopathic physicians we often prescribe “OTC dietary supplements”. The term dietary supplement is actually a legal term, not a medical term. At times we refer to them as “natural medicines” or “nutraceuticals” or “nutritional supplements”, or just “supplements”.

So, what exactly is a supplement? Supplements range from herbs to minerals to homeopathic remedies to vitamins to phytonutrients (components of plants that are neither vitamins nor minerals) to orthomolecules (substances made by the body such as CoQ10) to unregulated drugs, and more. Basically, any substance that can exert a medicinal effect on the body, aside from a currently FDA regulated man-made patented drug, is a “supplement”.

Since no government body regulates the “supplement industry” how do you know whether what you are buying at the supermarket, drugstore, health food store or online is any good, or if it even contains what is says on the label? Some products have real slick marketing campaigns behind them and make it very enticing to purchase their product. Suffice it to say, it can be challenging making the appropriate choice for you and your family.

Your medical doctor will likely not be of much help since they are not trained in this area, and may tell you to stop taking supplements. The good news is, as naturopathic physicians we receive abundant formal training in nutritional biochemistry, herbal medicine, homeopathy and other therapies making us the go-to providers and experts in this area.

So, are there any good supplements out there? The answer is YES. At PWC, we pride ourselves on carrying products by only the most reputable brands. Most of the brands we carry in our in-house medicinary sell to physicians only. These brands, such as Designs for Health, Pure Encapsulations and Xymogen compete with and try to outperform each other. This results in the development of the best and most novel natural medicine formulations.

We constantly add and upgrade new supplements or natural medicines to our medicinary. We’ve recently revamped our medicinary to ensure we carry the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. The advantage of using top notch brands is that they have the highest therapeutic efficacy and safety profiles – meaning they are safe to use and they work.

As a consumer of healthcare you have the option of purchasing supplements wherever and from whomever you choose. So, why would you purchase your natural medicines from us?

  1. Highest quality natural medicines/supplements for the best prices chosen by experts you trust.
  2. Convenience – pick it up in the office right after your appointment, or order it at home from our online store (see below).
  3. In WA, if the medicine is prescribed by an ND you don’t pay sales tax (automatic 10% savings).
  4. Get discounts on every online purchase you make.
  5. Support a locally owned business.
  6. You can use your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account to purchase prescribed supplements.

For your convenience you can now purchase your supplements from us online! Designs for Health (DFH), Xymogen, Restorative Formulations and Wellevate have great online purchase deals. We always offer discounts when you purchase from us online. To get started simply create an account online. In a matter of minutes you can be shopping and choosing from thousands of products! Yes, you can share these discounts with your family and friends across the USA.

Thank you for supporting PWC. We appreciate your business!


  1. Visit
  2. Select “Xymogen Xpress” from the Patients drop down at the top of the page..
  3. Enter in your Referral Code, Practitioner’s name, and email address. *please note, practitioner name is the same for all doctors.
  4. Complete your registration form.
  5. Receive 10% off all online orders, auto ship discount, and free shipping over $49!

Please contact the office for referral codes.

Designs for Health

1. Visit
2. Select “Signup” and create an account.
3.  We have multiple discounts available, please contact the office for the referral codes.
4. Free shipping on ALL orders.

Restorative Formulations

1. Visit
2. Click “Create Patient Account”
3. Enter authorization code 253-848-1055


1. Visit
2. Complete your registration form.
3. Receive a 15% discount on online orders
4. Free shipping on orders over $49.