Vegetarians and the hCG diet

Many people think vegetarians are immune to obesity, but some who call themselves vegetarians are far from it it terms of the original definition of vegetarian; eating to enliven. Many are in poor health and some are completely emaciated.

The classic example of this is the person who has been eating the usual SAD (Standard American Diet) of a sugary cereal with milk for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and meat, potatoes and maybe a string bean for dinner.

The person reads a Michael Pollan book and rents Food, Inc. and decides to become a “vegetarian” so she substitutes rice milk for cow’s milk, stops eating the burgers and instead eats a McDonald’s “salad” and eats the potatoes and the string bean and ditches the meat.

Unfortunately, any positive conscious weight loss effort without considering your body’s unique needs is a recipe for disaster.

Because after years of eating a nutrient depleted diet, you’re now removing the main source of what little nutrients you did get, your protein.  So your energy drops, you becomes anemic, lose muscle mass and suffer even poorer health (and consequently proclaim to the world that being a healthy vegetarian is impossible).

Sadly, this is very common.  Even worse, these “vegetarians”  end up gaining unwanted weight for the same psychologically destructive reasons as meat-eating people do after trying aggressive fad diets.

You can successfully do a hCG diet and lose weight even if you typically do not eat meat or fish. If you’re a vegetarian and you’re overweight, a physician-guided weight loss program can make the whole process much easier on both your body and mind.  Working  together to correct whatever underlying imbalances are at play: Diet, stress, hormones and toxin build up in your fat cells.

With vegans, their dietary restrictions cause even  more challenges so careful guidance thru these same ideas with a qualified physician applies even more. Ultimately, it comes down to taking a holistic approach to  dietary tweaks based on your body, mind and spirit’s unique needs and weight loss goals.

I’ve successfully guided many vegetarians through hCG weight loss programs.  Clients not only lose weight and feel more alive after being educated on healthy vegetarianism.  They’re empowered to keep the weight off and no longer need to return to a hCG diet program.