Weight Loss


Have you given up hope on ever feeling good in your favorite clothes again?

Being able to keep weight off is not about willpower.

If you are anything like the men and women we work with you have probably tried it all — the South Beach Diet, the Puyallup Diet, 2 hour workouts at the gym, endless calorie counting, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, phentermine, etc, etc.  But no matter how little you eat, or how much exercise, the pounds stay put.

So why don’t any of these methods work?

Besides the addictive chemicals added to processed foods and years of fad crash diets, the answer lies in your body’s individual biochemical makeup, plus the health of all your organs and glands that determine your metabolism.

Until you address the ways your body breaks down food, stores fats and assimilates nutrients, detoxes the chemicals we are exposed to and the role your emotions and brain function play in keeping the weight off, staying at your ideal weight will always be a mystery.

With our individualized approach to weight loss, you’ll watch those pesky pounds disappear

It doesn’t matter how many attempts you’ve made to remove unwanted weight over the years, or how embarrassed you feel, there is hope. We meet you right where you are now.

At Puyallup Wellness Center, we will help you lose the weight you want by finding and fixing the underlying body, mind and spirit issues that are keeping you from your target weight. We’ve identified numerous underlying causes of unwanted weight gain. Here are the top 5: 1.  Eating the wrong foods, 2. Hormonal imbalances, 3. Environmental toxicity, 4. Unmanaged stress, 5. Not getting enough sleep. Sound familiar? By honing in on your specific psychological and physiological needs first, and addressing the specific underlying cause(s) we are able to help you get back to a state of health from which your body can finally shed the unwanted pounds.

For those of you that want to turbocharge the weight loss process, we offer a fully updated and customized program utilizing HCG injections. This is not the antiquated “HCG diet” you typically here about where you are limited to 500 calories per day and are told you can’t use your moisturizer and make-up. This is a re-designed and re-vamped HCG program that has allowed us to help over a thousand women and men lose the weight they want. You can think of this option as a “power up” to our already advanced weight loss program.

Here’s what you can expect to gain by PWC helping you lose weight:

  • Experience improved self-esteem
  • Experience less health-related issues, especially those tied to weight
  • Experience improved well-being and less stress over what you eat; an improved relationship with food
  • Increased sexual desire and newly derived pleasure from sexual activities
  • A renewed vigor for social activities
  • Joy from being able to wear your favorite clothes again
  • Many people are able to get off cholesterol and blood pressure meds

Want to find out more about our treatment approach?

Call the front desk and get your questions answered by our helpful and educated staff. Do you have more in depth questions? Schedule a free 15 minute phone or in-person consultation with Dr. Roman Krupa. We’ll discuss your weight loss issues and current strategies—then show you how our team can better help you lose the weight with an individualized approach.